Dad and I struck out on a frosty November morning at our favorite riverside cover, The Inn, looking for pheasants. Thank you. This 1915 patent was most significant because it covered both the combination (one piece) sliding extractor-comb' shaped cocking piece with coil-spring powered striker firing mechanism used by Stevens in all their hammerless doubles from 1914 to 1933 (Riverside 315, Springfield 311 and 3151, Stevens Model 330 and 331 etc) and the one piece hollow' frame which carried the critical parts of the mechanism (hammers and sears) on horizontal pins. Savage/Stevens single and double barrel shotguns were date coded betweenMarch 1949 and December 1968. of the trigger guard on the bottom of the frame. MODEL 335 30" SIDE BY SIDE SHOTGUN. And I know just the place. Savage Stevens Model 720 Parts 19. These include: The Model 94 was a widely used single shot shotgun. Wild Bird and Hunting Dog Series: Shop Now Dismiss, Our site uses cookies. The barrel is 27.75" and is c, Guns Listing ID: 713972Slight rust under the top rail, STEVENS 320 TURKEY 20GA PUMP 22" VR BLACK/OD GRN THUMBHOLE Shotgun Quick Overview STEVENS 320 TURKEY 20GA PUMP 22" VR BLACK/OD GRN THUMBHOLE FEATURES: Pump action shotgun with du, STEVENS 320 TURKEY 12GA PUMP 22" VR BLACK/OD GRN THUMBHOLE Shotgun Quick Overview STEVENS 320 TURKEY 12GA PUMP 22" VR BLACK/OD GRN THUMBHOLE FEATURES: Pump action shotgun with, STEVENS MODEL 311 20GA DOUBLE BARREL CHOKE MOD & FULL LENGTH 28" STOCK TENITE FOREARM AND BUTT STOCK. Double Barrel SXS Shotgun. Background[edit] Featured Gun Classifieds Stevens Shotguns. #539001-554077, Smith & Wesson #1 1st, 2nd, 3rd issue .22 revolver, Smith & Wesson 1-1/2 2nd issue .32 rimfire revolver, Smith & Wesson N frame 3rd Model Hand Ejector .38, 38/44 Outdoorsman w/adjustable rear sight (pre-model 23), made 1931-1941, Smith & Wesson old model J frame 1957-1988, Smith & Wesson Old Model K frame - "Named Model" Hand Ejector Revolvers - 1903-1957, Pre-Numbered Models, Smith & Wesson old model K frame 1957-1988, Smith & Wesson old model L frame 1980-1988, Smith & Wesson old model N frame 1954-1988, Smith & Wesson Triple Lock, New Century 1st model .44 Hand Ejector revolver, Smith & Wesson 1000 12 & 20 ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun, Springfield 87 series .22 semi-auto rifles, Springfield 18 & 951 Series E & F Repeating Bolt-action Shotgun, .410ga, clip-type magazine, Springfield 18 repeating bolt action shotgun, .410ga, clip-type magazine, Springfield 18 repeating bolt action shotgun, 12, 16, 20ga, clip-type magazine, Springfield 18C Repeating Bolt-action Shotgun, .410ga clip-type magazine, Springfield 37B .410 Bolt Action Single Shot Shotgun, Springfield 67 series B .410 ga pump shotgun, Springfield 67 series B 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun, Springfield 67 series C, D, E 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun, Springfield 67 series C-E .410 ga pump shotgun, Springfield 67D-67E-67F-67H 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun, Springfield 69R-69RXL 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun. Lot number: 96 . Description: J. STEVENS ARMS & TOOL CO. 12GA. $59.99. STEVENS MODEL 330 DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, TWO SINGLE SHOT STEVENS SHOTGUNS; model 254, TWO GUNSMITH SPECIAL SHOTGUNS, Winchester. Dbl triggers. The difficulty of switching to the back trigger was so hard to overcome that I believe it significantly improved my shooting. New Gear Designs Added! Description, J. Stevens ''Sportsman's Cleveland'' Model, Sears Model .C double barrel shotgun The left side hammer is broken and it has been in a repair shop for 11 months awaiting location of a replacement hammer. I am not very good at expressing emotion, a fact that Jazz has made me aware of, and as a result I am working on it. This certainly ads to the nostalgia of this classic American shotgun. Also excellent small game gun for anybody. I felt like I had to make my first shot count, because the likelihood I would have a second was nearing zero. Stevens New Model Pocket Shotgun, No. Truth be told, I want Harry to have it some day, and maybe if the stars line up, Harry can tell Jack about it as our boys wander the woods like we did. Along with the Sawed Off, the Stevens DB is able to empty its capacity in a single burst. $312.14. It will appear as a small circle containing a number and a letter. 320 FIELD GRADE OBSESSION CAMO. This page was last updated: 04-Mar 03:44. Browning Shot Gun, Vintage 1930 Stevens Hunting Rifles Shotguns 25 Page Catalog, Stevens Model 820 Shotgun Print Ad Popular Mechanics Magazine October 1949, Stevens Rifles Shotguns & Pistols Catalogue No. A J STEVENS ARMS shotgun is currently worth an average price of $319.75 used . Something went wrong. Founded back in 1864, Stevens Arms has a long history of producing sporting firearms. George S. Lewis worked for J. Stevens A&T Co from 1909 to 1920. 10 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2022) 13 Affordable 9mm Carbine Options (2023) Best AR-15 Options For Any Budget And Buyer's Guide (2022) Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2022) J Stevens Arms Company Serial Number Lookup I am sending it to him knowing that he will give the gun a good home. SOME PITTING DOWN THE BARRELL, SOME FURNITURE WEAR. Ruger Introduces the LCR with Boot Grip and XS Sight, Bicycle Gun: The Doggone History Of These Pocket Pistols. store-brand. . 320 SECURITY BEAD SIGHT. I now have a livery of double guns and the Stevens needs to go to a new home. Here we present a C&R J. Stevens Arms Company Model 235 Double Barrel Side by Side 12 Gauge Hammer Shotgun, made circa the 1920s in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. The name continues as part of Savage Arms. 57 - 1929, Early Stevens Shotgun Catalog metal tin sign indoor outdoor wall art for living, 1942 Stevens Rifles Shotguns firearm gun metal tin sign above garage decor, 1948 Savage Arms Corp Stevens MA PRINT AD shotgun rifle Model 87 124 745 99 59, 1958 Print Ad Stevens 77 Pump Shotguns Rabbit Savage Chicopee Falls,MA, 1902 STEVENS RIFLE PISTOL SHOT GUN HUNT SPORTING WOMAN OUTDOOR 14754, 1939 Print Ad of Stevens Model 85 89 94 95 105 107 116 215 Shotgun Parts List, Vintage 1950s Savage Stevens Fox Shotguns Rabbit Advertising Cardboard Sign, STEVENS 350 SECURITY PUMP SHOTGUN AMMO SLING (10 SHELLS) BY ACE CASE - USA, STEVENS 320 TACTICAL SHOTGUN AMMO SLING/BANDOLEER (25 SHELLS) BY ACE CASE - USA, 1933 PAPER AD Stevens Springfield Automatic Shot Gun #720 12 Gauge 5 Shot, FUEL INJECTOR INJECTION PUMP Fits Ford BACKHOE 555B INDUSTRIAL 231 335 340 3400, Mafia Chicago Gangster Mob John Borcia Tuohy Gang 1937 Press Photo, Savage 775A 12 gauge - Breech Block w/Extractor & Firing Pin - Ships Fast, 1945 Print Ad of Stevens Model 22-410 240 Over & Under Shotgun Rifle Parts List, 1965 Print Ad of Stevens Model 58 & Springfield Model 18 Shotgun parts list, 1929 PAPER AD Stevens Auto Shot Gun 12" Barrel Black Prince, STEVENS 520 PUMP SHOTGUN - US PATENT Art Print READY TO FRAME! Joel P. SUBSCRIBE to the AUDIO VERSION for FREE :Google|Apple|Spotify, On the Go is brought to us by:ESP Digital Hearing Protection, A Beginners Guide to Buying a Used Shotgun, A Beginners Guide to Collecting Vintage Side-by-Side Shotguns. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. The comb' extractor cocker was much easier to make and fit than the parts which performed the same operations in other guns of that era. 1884-1895 ser. Franklin in order to get it into working condition I had to take it apart completely to fix it and put it back together it was surprisingly easy, after all I had to make a firing with a grind stone, sand paper and a piece of rebar. This is the site that used to be Numrich. Car & Truck Safety & Security Accessories. 22 Long Rifle: Stevens - Wards Hercules Mod. 37 Firearms. Hope this is within your realm of expertise. STEVENS MODEL 311A DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN. Early American Wooden Box Doll Room and Contents, TWO GUNSMITH SPECIAL SHOTGUNS, Winchester, *STEVENS MODEL 311 SIDE-BY-SIDE .12 GAUGE. More recent shotguns and commonly known Savage offerings in this line are the Stevens 555 and the Stevens 555E. MSRP: $321.00. WANT TO PURCHASE CALL SHOP 716-941-3946, Stevens Model 512 Silver O/U Shotgun .12 Gauge, Stevens 19487 320 Security 12 Gauge 18.50" **10 MONTH FREE LAYAWAY**, Stevens | Savage Model 301 Single Shot 20 GA RT Timber 23213, J STEVENS A&T CO. Model 94C Single Shot Break Action Hammer .410 Antique Shotgun, STEVENS Mod. First, the brown color is what happens to bluing on older guns. J. Stevens Model 620 Shotgun Marked NYPD: **Lot of 2: 12 Gauge Shotguns. You can find stocks, trigger parts, ejectors, screws, forearm caps, and more for sale. Gun snobs call it "patina". Choked full and full LOP: 14 1/4" with extractor. EXCELLENT CONDITION. Wooden machine inlet gun stocks, buttstocks, forearms, forends, for older rifle, shotguns. Trust me; I know. If this is your first visit, be sure to Anyways, mine is a 335 16 gauge and it shoots great. There are no members to list at the moment. 380 with Krupp barrel tubes. Whether you are looking for Stevens model 94 parts, Stevens single shot 12 gauge parts, Stevens 12 gauge double barrel shotgun parts, or Stevens model 311 double barrel shotgun parts, eBay has a great selection of Stevens shotgun parts for sale. 1880 ser. View cart for details. If your specimen is marked J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company, it was made circa 1912-1916. Remington owned and used his sliding rod lockup for their guns in the 1880s, but Stevens also used it on their hammer boxlock Model 325 introduced about 1903. J. Stevens "Springfield" Shotgun, 16 gauge, STEVENS MODEL 311D 20 Gauge Shotgun. check out the. 311, which are also boxlock hammerless models, I see stamped the words Patented April 20, 1915. Beautiful Early 1912 J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Model 335 12ga. The Model 235 first showed up in the Stevens catalog in 1909 and was manufactured until 1931 with a total production of approximately 62,000. STEVENS MODEL 311-R DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, J. STEVENS A & T CO. MODEL 225 DOUBLE BARREL. Knowing this would help me to identify models and estimate their dates of manufacture. Grouse, woodcock, pheasant, quail, chukar, huns and rails that have fallen before it. These early original Stevens doubles were assigned number grades such as the Model 235, Model 335, etc; the highest grades featured flourishes of hand engraving, and even a hammer gun model was available. STEVENS MODEL 315 DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN. Item - I01023352CC - TE, Guns Listing ID: 701919The Stevens over/under line-up is adding value to the sporting clays and trap leagues with the new 555 Sporting model. Model 375 (London Proofs)Hammerless Boxlock, Model 385 (London Proofs)Hammerless Boxlock, Model 515Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530MTenite Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530ASingle Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 331Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311Tenite Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311J/RSolid Rib Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311HWaterfowler Hammerless Boxlock, Model 3151Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 5151Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311New Style Tenite Hammerless Boxlock, Model 200XP Long or Short Action Package Rifle. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, One stop shop for all things from your favorite brand. $19.95. Savage Stevens Model 940 Parts 1. CZ-USA CZ Bobwhite G2 - 6414 - Best Side by Side Double Barrel Shotgun. reproduction Models Stevens (225), Riverside (215). On some Stevens' Riverside No. This is in Good Used Condition. Many parts are available in new condition. Winchester 02, 04, 58, 99 .22 rifle and 36 shotgun, Winchester 121, 131, 141 single shot bolt rifles, Winchester 150, 190, 250, 255, 270, 275, 290 .22 rimfire rifles, Winchester 1890, 1906, 62 .22 pump rifles, Winchester 1905, 1907, 1910 .32, .35, .351, .401 semi-auto rifle, Winchester 47 single shot bolt action rifle, Winchester 55 single-shot automatic .22 rifle, Winchester 56 & 57 .22 single shot bolt rifle, Winchester 60, 60A .22 single shot bolt rifle, Winchester 67, 67A, 68 .22 bolt action rifle, Winchester 70 push-feed & 670 blind magazine, Winchester 77 .22 clip-fed & tube-fed semi-auto rifle, Winchester 88 .243, .284, .308, lever rifle, Winchester 9422, 9422M Rimfire Lever-action Rifle, Winchester Post-64 Model 94 & 94AE 30-30, .357, .44, .45 lever action rifle, Winchester Pre-64 model 94 30-30 lever action rifle, Winchester 101 over/under shotgun 12, 20, 28, 410 gauge, Winchester 12 and Featherweight pump shotgun, Winchester 24 12, 16, 20 ga, double shotgun, Winchester 37A, 370, 840 single shot shotgun, Winchester Super X Model 1 semi-auto shotgun, Stevens 335 firing pin #668-19 .248" body diameter, .780" overall length, Stevens 335 top snap plunger spring #668-50. Just walking on the edge of of my grave. It all started out when I was trying to find out what year my J. Steven Arms Co., Double Barrel, S x S, Model 335 Shotgun was made. Date Sold. I mention it because it owes a lot to Lewis' earlier inventions, especially the one-piece cast frame. When its time to take yours out of the safe and get it looking sharp, a Stevens model 94 stock in wood or Tenite can make it look like new. Stevens double barrel shotgun Model 311A, J. Stevens Model 5000 Double Barrel Shotgun. There are a couple light scuffs in the stock, other than that gun i, Here is a fair condition Stevens 940E Single Shot 12 Ga. was unfired,,,It is a rare gem! (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more. And maybe, one day, our two sons will be talking about the dogs, birds, and guns they have known and they can swap stories of their own about the little Stevens 20-gauge side-by-side. 30" blued barrel. The original price on this shotgun was around $17. I am just happy that the best of MY memories of the uplands are with you. 335 16 ga. For me, it was nearly priceless just for the opportunity to wrap my hands around a side-by-side, and a 20-gauge to boot! B. It was far from matching the forend, but would make the gun functional, which suited me fine. Daniel Defense firearms, parts and accessories, and when were these patent dates stamped on the guns? His inventions provided the major designs for Stevens hammer and hammerless boxlock guns. We haggled for a few moments, but the gun was coming home with me regardless. -- PAT D M. HOME; GUNS FOR SALE. is manufactured of high quality spring steel and heat-treated to precise .. original used Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! I want you to give it new life and take it on its next journey. 43 - 1946, 1960 Print Ad of Stevens Springfield Model 58A 58AB 58B 38A Shotgun Parts List, 1966 Print Ad of Stevens Model 530 530A 311 311A DB Shotgun Parts List, A7924- 1999-00 Upper Deck Hockey Card #s 1-335 -You Pick- 10+ FREE US SHIP, STEVENS RIFLES PISTOLS SHOTGUNS CHICOPEE FALLS MASS. A few years ago I did a quick research on it to try to find out what year it was made, but quickly realized it is hard to find info on it. Some parts may need additional fitting to accommodate wear in old firearms. I cannot find a serial number anywhere. A J STEVENS ARMS shotgun is currently worth an average price of $319.75 used . STEVENS MODEL 311D SxS DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. I do remember having a tough time at first setting aside my Remington. Provenance: The *STEVENS MODEL 311 SIDE-BY-SIDE .12 GAUGE *STEVENS MODEL 311 SIDE-BY-SIDE .12 GAUGE SHOTGUN. Lewis later worked for WRA Co's New Haven Works Manager, Ed Pugsley, who was spearheading John M.Olin's effort to produce the Model 21 double gun started by his predecessor, T.G. And come mid-month, I am on a rail skiff, pushing through the wild rice on the Delaware Bay, shooting Sora. Stevens Model 345 Example Walnut Butt Stock. Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all . #322701-539000, S&W .38 Double Action revolver, 5th model, ca. The closest to the in-game model offered by Stevens is the Model 335 and Model 330 hammer-less double-barrel shotguns. Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S .22, .32, .380 pistol, parts not for post 1999 models! 22-.410, ( 22 lr over .410 shotgun ), SUN CITY MACHINERY STEVENS 320 12 GA PUMP SHOTGUN, Westernfield SB-300C SxS Shotgun 410 Stevens 311, Stevens 320 Security 20 Ga Thumbhole Stock 18" Barrel 23247, Savage Stevens 320 Security 12 Ga Ghost Ring Sights 18" Barrel 23248, STEVENS 555 COMPACT OU 410GA Shotgun WOOD NEW #22156, Stevens 320 Turkey 20 Ga Thumbhole Stock 22" Barrel 23251, Stevens 320 Turkey 12 Ga Thumbhole Stock 22" Barrel 23250, Omega 12 Gauge White Chrome Tactical Shotgun S12ST Semi Auto, Stevens 320 Security 12 Ga Thumbhole Stock 18" Barrel 23246, STEVENS 9478, 20 GA., 28 FUUL CHOKE 3 CHAMBER, BARREL, NEW IN THE BOX. s.. reproduction STEVENS 320 TURKEY 12GA PUMP GRN THUMBHOLE GREEN. (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more, *Stevens Model 94 12 Gauge Single Shot Shotgun. I dont recall if there was a tag on the gun, and in truth it didnt much matter. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was at Grouse Camp in Minnesota, with folks who were sporting Parkers, Foxes, AYAs, and I remember defending the gun, while feeling a bit ashamed. Get the latest news and reviews from J. Stevens Favorite Model 1915 . I think the L.C. *Caliber, Barrel Length, Generations, Sub Models may all affect item price. Double, Stevens Model Series E -Gauge Shotgun They are listed for reference purposes only.Model 89Model 90Model 93Model 94Model 94AModel 94CModel 95Model 97Model 100Model 102Model 104Model 105Model 106Model 107Model 108Model 110Model 120Model 125Model 140Model 160Model 165Model 170Model 180Model 944Model 958Model 970. The 12 month average price is $319.75 used. Just look it over and chances are it will be obvious when you see the difference between the two sides. Savage Stevens Model 77 Parts 12. I have a J. Stevens Arms Double Barrel, Model 335, S x S, 16 Ga Shotgun. Does "Shall not be infringed" not mean anything to you?! $500.00. Rossi Coach, Overland hammer double shotgun, 12, 20, 410 ga, Ruger Old Model 3-screw Blackhawk & Super Blackhawk revolver, Ruger Old Model 3-screw Single Six .22 Revolver, Ruger M-77 discontinued old style tang safety model, not Ruger 77 MKII, Savage 24, 24C, 24D Series M, P, and S, 22LR or 22 magnum over 20gauge or 410 gauge, Savage 24, A, B, E, H, J and DL, .22LR or .22 Magnum over 410 or 20 gauge, Savage 24M, 24MDL, 24MB-DL, .22 magnum over 410 or 20 ga, Savage 24S, SD, SE, MS, MSD, MSE .22LR or .22 magnum over 410 or 20ga, Savage 24V and 24V-A, .222 or 30-30 over 20 gauge, Savage 24V Series B, C, and D, 222 or 30-30 over 20 gauge, Savage 1905, 1907, 1910 .32 & .380 pistol, Savage 25 .22 pump rifle w/ tubular magazine, Savage 71 (Stevens Favorite reproduction) 72, 74 single shot .22 rifle, Savage 30 series C-E .410 ga pump shotgun, Savage 30 series D, E, F 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun, Savage 30D-30E-30F-30H-30T right- & left-hand 12 & 20ga pump shotgun, Savage 30J, K, & series A & B .410 ga pump shotgun, Savage 30J, K, T & series A, B & C 12 & 20 ga pump shotgun, Savage, Stevens, Springfield 94, 940, 944, 9478 series single barrel top-break shotguns, Smith & Wesson 1000 Series, Third Generation, produced 1990-1993, Models 1006, 1026, 1046, 1066, 1076, 1086 10m/m Pistol, Smith & Wesson 39 Series, Models 39, 439, 539, 639, 908, 909, 3904, 3906, 3913's, 3914's,3944, 3946, 3953's, 3954 9m/m Pistol, Smith & Wesson 40 Series, Models 410, 411, 4003, 4004, 4006, 4013, 4014, 4026, 4043, 4044, 4046, 4053, 4054, 4013TSW, 4053TSW, 4056TSW .40 S&W Pistol, Smith & Wesson 45 Series Models 457, 457D, 645, 745, 4505, 4506, 4513TSW, 4516, 4526, 4536, 4546, 4553TSW, 4556, 4566, 4567, 4576, 4586, 4596 .45ACP Pistol, Smith & Wesson 59 Series Models 59, 459, 559, 659, 910, 915, 5903, 5904, 5906, 5924, 5926, 5943, 5944, 5946, 5967 9m/m Pistol, Smith & Wesson 69 Series Models 469, 669, 6904, 6906, 6924, 6926, 6944, 6946, S&W .38 Double Action revolver, 1st model, ca. Stevens double barrel shotgun mismarked forestock. It comes as shown in pictures. MADE IN THE USA. 2014-2023 Project Upland Media Group, LLC. Two triggers. Home Firearms and Shooting Shotguns Stevens 315 Side-by-side Shotgun Overview of an American Classic, Joel Penkala is an Upland Bird Hunter and outdoors enthusiast. The sole purpose of this site is to provide an online community for those who wish to interact with other Savage firearm enthusiasts. Dates and brief descriptions of the three Stevens patents you mention in your letter follow. Generally the 235's only run for around $200 +- up around here anyways so look hard at the condition of the gun, if it's pretty beat I'd wait for something better. Smith 16 ga. sxs made in 1941. Somewhere along the line, a previous owner had seen fit to open up the shotgun chokes. Savage/Springfield/Stevens 335 Parts | Numrich Gun Parts Manufacturers Savage / Stevens / Springfield / Fox Shotguns 335 Savage / Stevens / Springfield / Fox Shotguns 335 Parts List Sort by: Show Available 0 Parts Layout w/ List 3 Buttplate 4 Buttplate Screw 5 Cocking Lever 6 Extractor Lever 7 Extractor 8 Extractor Screw 9 Extractor Lever Pin 11 STEVENS MODEL 315 DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, STEVENS MODEL 315 DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, 12 gauge, 30" barrels, checkered walnut stock and forend, blued finish, hard rubber butt plate, double triggers, I have spent many September 1sts wandering across the seemingly monotone salt marsh near Tuckerton searching for Clapper rails. NEWPORT MODEL CN SXS DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN, Savage Stevens model 311R Series J double, STEVENS MODEL 5100 DOUBLE BARREL SXS BOXLOCK, Stevens Model 311 Double Barrel 410 Shotgun, Stevens-Springfield Mupel Shotgun.